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Training is as much about training the owner as it is training the dog. I've created some videos here to help you understand the importance of the training fundamentals, and how, when properly actioned, you can have fantastic results. There are 3 series of videos to help you both with training and the instruments needed for the training I run.


You can quickly view them by clicking the links below. 

Garmin and Lonestar Dog Trainer




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Training with Lonestar Dog Trainer

There are many different techniques to train dogs. With a partnership with Garmin, I take you through how I use the instruments to get the most out of training and driving a positive channel of communication with my dogs.  If you have any questions about the training methodologies or the tools that I use, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Trainig with Garmin
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Garmin Product Videos

These videos will give you an overview of the features and capabilities of Garmin Dog Training devices.